To Forbes, Ursula and the Coaching Staff of Ryde-Carlile,

Thank you so much for assisting us in the development of our children:

kind regards

Anoynmous parent (of 3), purely to avoid any repercussions (to me) or embarrassment to the kids.

To the Ryde-Carlile crew,

It's been wonderful to see my daughter learning to swim at Cross Street where I too first learnt many years ago. We look forward to continuing our child's development under the coaching you provide and building life long friendships as I have.

To all those who help at Friday Night Racing,

What a great night! Fantastic to see the 5-7 year old 'tadpoles' leaping in (be it hesitantly), for 25 metres of freestyle and backstroke.  And even more fantastic to see the more senior members wading alongside them giving them support when needed.  Some great exercise for them; I just have to keep them (and me) from going back for seconds at the those burgers.  Any chance eggs will be on the menu soon?

Keep up the great work.



To Ursula and Co'

I'VE GOT A BONE TO PICK WITH YOU.  I signed my daughter up for lessons and have now been copping a lot of peer group pressure from other parents.  It seems they've all taken to the water to "follow the black line" and I was expecting to sit back and have a, no siree.  First it was 100metres, the next visit it became 300metres.  Now they've got me up to 1Km....and I still haven't had a coffee !!

thanks heaps

[initially begrudgingly], now healthier Mum 

BTW. the daughter is doing fine too.




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