Ryde Carlile Swimming Club (RCSC) is a local club that provides the opportunity for anyone who is a member of the club to regularly practice racing in a friendly and supportive environment. RCSC is a not for profit Club which is run by a large committee of volunteers.


Belonging to RCSC does not mean that you must train with any coaching provider or compete at external meets. RCSC also caters for the social swimmer and many members join solely to participate in and enjoy Friday Night Races.


If you can swim 25m freestyle, uninterrupted and unassisted, then you are ready to join RCSC.


What is the difference between Ryde Carlile Swimming Club and Carlile Swimming?

Whilst both clubs have a close relationship, their roles and responsibilities are quite different. Ryde Carlile Swimming Club does not offer coaching services. Carlile Swimming is a business providing coaching and learn to swim services. If your child is in Superfish, Sharks or Transition or one of the Performance Squads, they are coached by an employee of Carlile Swimming.


If you receive coaching services from Carlile, your monthly training fees are paid to Carlile Swimming. Swimmers who have Learn to Swim lessons at a Carlile Swimming Centre, such as Cross St, are also taught by Carlile Swimming.

Any questions or concerns about a child’s progress in swimming lessons or squad training should be directed to their coach or Carlile Swimming.


Why join Ryde Carlile Swimming Club?

Swimmers who wish to compete at external meets must belong to a swimming club, which in our case is RCSC. There is an annual membership fee to join RCSC. In addition, once a member reaches Transition, they must join RCSC, as there is an expectation that swimmers in competitive squads will compete at external meets.


How much does it cost to join Ryde Carlile Swimming Club?

The annual Club membership fee can be found on our website. This fee covers membership, affiliations to Swimming NSW and Swimming Australia, insurance and administration expenses. This fee does not cover pool entry.


Please note: Ryde Carlile membership fee is separate to Carlile swimming lesson fees.


How do I join Ryde Carlile Swim Club?

If you are registering for the first time, visit the "How to Register" section on our website.

Once you are registered, please bring proof of identity (birth certificate) to your first Friday Night Race.


Is there a Ryde Carlile Club uniform?

Ryde Carlile swimmers are expected to race in their green and gold Club swimming cap. All new members receive a FREE Club swimming cap on registration and presentation of their birth certificate. Additional caps can be purchased at Friday Night Races.


Swimmers are also expected to wear the Ryde Carlile Swimming shirt and shorts at all competition swim Meets. These can be purchased at Friday Night Races. View our uniform price list.


How do I check my swimming results?

Times are recorded electronically at Friday Night Races. Results will be uploaded live and can be viewed on any smartphone via the "Meet Mobile" app. Please note that these times are not official until uploaded to NSW Swimming. Results will also be emailed to parent members following the completion of each Friday Night race.


What are the parent member duties at Ryde Carlile Swimming Club?

As with most community sporting clubs, parent members are expected to volunteer and participate in the running of Friday Night Races, Official Meets and Fundraising activities to maintain the Club's success.


Timekeeping is one of the most common tasks that parents will be required to perform at least once per month.

You can choose a suitable date to time keep at Friday Night Races by RSVPing on the Ryde Carlile Team App.


How does Ryde Carlile Swimming Club keep its members updated?

Our club uses our email, Team app, website and social media pages to keep its members informed.


Ryde Carlile Team App

Our most common form of communication is via the Ryde Carlile Team app. Once you are a registered member, you are asked to upload the FREE app to keep informed about club news, upcoming meets, social events and to view photos of club swimmers.


Team app is available to download on any mobile or desktop via the App Store or Google Play.

1. Simply search Team app and download the app

2. Search Ryde Carlile Swimming Club

3. Enter your personal details

4. Request parent swimmer access


Who do I approach if I have any questions or concerns?

Committee members are always available at Friday Night Races if you have any questions or concerns. Committee members can be identified as those wearing the Ryde Carlile Club shirt. The Ryde Carlile Committee members, roles and contact details can be found on our Club "Team app" and the RCSC website.